Rainy Season in Bangkok

Detailed weather forecast for Bangkok

Rain in Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok may not be the worst place to be during a monsoon, but it's probably in the top 10 "bad rainy season destinations" in Thailand. In the latter months of the rainy season, rivers swell and Bangkok floods.

Besides the flooding creating health hazards, it makes Bangkok traffic downright miserable. A taxi ride across town can literally take hours.

Planning for Bangkok's Rainy Weather

You can minimize some of Bangkok's normal rainy season problems with good planning.

  • Decide where you want to visit, then book accommodations as near your destinations AND to a subway or skytrain station as possible.
  • Dress for rainy weather. Take or buy a hat. Wear cotton clothing.
  • Make your first purchase a decent umbrella.
  • Don't walk the flooded streets with good quality shoes.
  • Buy subway and skytrain passes and use whenever possible.
  • Avoid travel during rush hours, especially if you need to use taxis.
  • Walk carefully when crossing streets. Drivers are distracted by the traffic congestion as well as the rain.
  • If you are caught out in a downpour, duck into a coffee shop, bistro, or shopping mall. Many shopping malls in Bangkok have excellent places to wait out a monsoon.
  • Anti-bacterial soap. A good one sold in Bangkok is Asepso. As soon as possible after any contact with Bangkok flood waters, bathe with the soap. Be especially alert for foot infections.
  • Change wet clothing immediately. If you had to wade, wash your shoes as soon as possible.
  • Shops and stores in Thailand often have air-con cranked down to the teens. If you have no other choice other than these sanctuaries, stay as far from the air-con as possible. The last thing you need for your holiday is a cold or the flu.
  • Carry a dry shirt in a day pack or plastic bag - OR - shirts are cheap in Thailand. Spend Bt 200 and avoid a cold.