Shop on Arrival for Thailand's Rainy Season

shopping on arrival for rainy season in Thailand Shop as soon as you have an opportunity. Consider our list of necessities for Thailand's rainy season. Don't go to a department store unless the weather is bad. Most of what you need will be available in local shops or markets.

  • Hat or Cap Keeping your head dry is important. A hat with a brim keep your neck dryer as well.
  • Umbrella A fold up one will become a continual friend. Get one large enough to share.
  • Flip-flops Buy a cheap "throw away" pair. They're fine for wading. Replace as needed.
  • Anti bacterial soap Asepso and Protex are two widely available brands.
  • Talcum powder Helps keep tender areas from chafing.
  • Mosquito spray A number are available at shops. Powder and liquid. Skeetolene has a nice spray.
  • Keela Lotion Widely available. Nice applicator top, eases mosquito bites, rashes, skin allergies, dermatitis.
  • Shirt or blouse if you didn't bring an extra. Buy light weight cotton for fast drying.
  • Sarong, light weight cotton for wearing around the guest house. Also substitutes as a towel.
  • Pancho If you plan to do a lot of walking in the rain.
  • Subway & Skytrain map Get free ones at stations. Planning trips in advance saves time. Stations usually have exits on both sides of boulevards. Make sure you exit the correct side.

Make a good packing list for rainy season.