Travel Insurance for Thailand

Suvarnabuumi International Airport We recently sent an email to one of the major travel insurance providers. The gist of the email asked a question every traveler to Thailand should wonder about.

"Would you have paid a claim on travel interruption caused by the political demonstrations in Thailand .. specifically the occupation of Suvarnabhumi airport?"

If you are not aware, an estimated 300,000 travelers were delayed .. stuck at the airport when one political faction occupied Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Travelers Need to Read

The insurance provider replied to the above query as follows:

"To answer your question regarding the recent situation in Thailand: our ability to pay a claim under these circumstances does vary, and is assessed on a case by case basis.

We are bound by the policy terms and conditions / product disclosure statements which are issued by our insurance underwriters. As each claim is assessed individually, there is no easy answer to your question, as it can vary depending on the individual's circumstances. For example, it can depend on:

  • The country of residence of the client, and the client's current policy wording as to whether the benefit is included or excluded.
  • Whether the information or travel advisory was available prior to travel into that region.
  • Underwriter discretion - for example, recently in response to the events in Thailand, Mondial changed its position and the exclusion was waived for existing policy holders in the countries whereby Mondial provide our product."

Travel Insurance Advice

For those who claim that the ongoing political upheavals in Thailand .. and other developing countries .. is not aimed at tourists and they are perfectly safe .. I agree 99%. However, inconvenience and trip interruption is often a result that affects everyone .. locals and foreigners alike.