Travel Insurance - Why You Should Buy It

Suvarnabuumi International Airport Travel Insurance is important for international travel, offering protection and peace of mind in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, sudden scheduling changes, and personal difficulties. While many travelers have long neglected the service, or even been ignorant of its functions, its importance is very clear.

If you're on a short or long term holiday in a second or third world country, travel insurance can be your best friend, saving you from stress and hassle in difficult situations, and all for a minimal cost.

Two major situations where travel insurance could play a pivotal role in your holiday:

Bangkok Airport Closure

On the 25th of November 2009, the Thai political group People's Alliance for Democracy, shut down Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport as part of a week long political protest. Just one day later, the protesters took over Don Muang Airport; Thailand's domestic flight hub.

The two protests crippled the country's travel networks, and compromised Bangkok's position as an international travel hub. Thousands of travelers were delayed, lost, or affected in other ways during the week long protest. Flights were slow to return to service, with airlines beginning to offer services over a week later. Some delayed flights indefinitely or sent passengers to remote airports. In the commotion, many travelers lost their baggage and valuable possessions, causing major inconvenience upon return to their home country.

With the prevalence of non-refundable tickets, especially amongst budget airlines, the importance of travel insurance in this situation is obvious. Many travelers were stranded in Thailand, and without travel insurance many were caused major financial and psychological strain. Those with travel insurance could let their insurance company deal with their flight situation, and focus on helping themselves during the unfolding political trouble.

Don't Ruin Your Holiday in Thailand

While true of all countries, it is especially important in the third world and in countries where health care is of a low standard, that travel insurance is available to cover medical expenses. An injury in remote Thailand or Cambodia can result in an air evacuation to a major city, care in an expensive international hospital, and a massive bill in return. While Thailand is home to many international medical centers of a very high quality, the costs associated with them can be crippling for those without insurance.

With travel insurance, you can enjoy your holiday knowing that in the event of an accident or medical emergency, you're covered. Many health insurance plans cover medical evacuation and extensive treatment for any injuries or illnesses. The costs for incurring these services can be incredibly high, and it's wise to invest in travel insurance for extra protection. Prepare for the unknown and unexpected, as it will pay for itself one thousand times over should something go wrong.

With the possibility of events such as these, it's important and reassuring to know that there's someone looking out for you, should anything go wrong. While the chance of being caught up in a major political incident or involved in a harmful accident is low, it's still there. With travel insurance, travelers can let themselves know that help is there for them in the event of an accident or unforeseen situation. The low costs of travel insurance make it an important and financially sound measure for those looking to stay safe, healthy, and relaxed on their overseas holiday.

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