Packing for Thailand

How well did you plan your trip?

Luggage for Thailand

is a very personal choice. But for international travel, most bags should be durable, lockable and in many cases have wheels. Our section on travel bags helps determine which bag is best for your destinations and activities

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Securing Documents and Money in Thailand

Find a "forgetless pack", and a secure means of carrying your passport, air tickets, credit cards, travelers checks, etc. A hidden "money belt" or "wallet" on a cord

Copies of travel documents, travelers checks, etc should be carried separately.

Thailand is modern. Consider buying heavy and bulky items after arrival. Soaps, laundry detergent, repellants, lotions, batteries, etc.

Bring lip balm, sun screen, nail clippers; and for adventure touring - zip lock bags.

Clothing for Thailand

3-4 sets of clothing is sufficient for most travel. Laundry service is widely available and inexpensive.

  • Light weight cotton is recommended
  • If you are a western size "large" or smaller, inexpensive shirts, blouses, trousers, shorts and skirts are available at markets in most larger cities. Consider buying part of your wardrobe on arrival.
  • Bring a hat or buy one upon arrival. Baseball style or with a full brim is even better
  • Larger size shoes (other than trainers) are hard to find in Thailand. Make sure your shoes are broken in and comfortable for extended walking.

Note: While t-shirts are acceptable for public wear, a shirt with a collar is considered more polite. Consider polo/golf cotton knit shirts. Women should not wear tops that show "bare shoulders" in temples.


35 mm film is readily available all over Thailand at reasonable prices. Photo processing is cheap. many of the photo processors have film scanners and will put photos on CD. Most are equipped to copy digital photos to CD.

Medications & Medical

Most common medications are available in Thailand and much of it without a prescription. Check to make sure.

  • First aid materials are widely available
  • Medical clinics are plentiful and inexpensive
  • Hospital out-patient clinics are convenient and inexpensive

Reading material

Bring a book or two for plane rides and the beach ... swap them with other travelers you meet along the way .

What did we forget? Send us your packing tips.

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