Suvarnabhumi International - Rail Link

Suvarnabhumi International Airport SRT City Line Train Suvarnabhumi International Airport's SRT rail link opened for testing in August this year. During the testing phase, the public will be allowed free rides.

Startup not "Smooth as Thai Silk" for Suvarnabhumi rail link

Getting To & From Suvarnaphumi from Bangkok City Center by SRT

  • From Bangkok to Suvarnaphumi, start with the Skytrain to Phayathai Skytrain station. Note: The Airport Link station at Phayathai has a lift immediately beneath the arrivals platform, taking you to ground level.
  • Descend to street level and walk to the SRT Airport Link station (ramp not yet connected)
  • From Suvarnaphumi to Bangkok, find the SRT station and select either the Red Line (Express) or Blue Line (multiple stops)
  • For non-stop express service take the Red Line - Bt 501 and 15 minutes, running at 15 minute intervals
  • The Blue Line stops at each station along the route - Bt 10-202 and 28-30 minutes (depending on stations), running at 20 minute intervals

Suvarnabhumi International Airport SRT Rail Link SRT Governor announced that for the first year of operation:
1 - Express Line will have a fare of Bt 50.
2 - City Line will have a fare of Bt 10 for 1-7 stations and Bt 20 baht between Phayathai & Suvarnaphumi Airport.

Both lines are scheduled to operate from 05:00 to 01:00.

Route Map & Recommendations for Suvarnaphumi SRT rail link

  • We strongly recommend the Red Line. At a price of Bt 10 and Bt 20, the city line will likely be packed much of the day
  • Until the Masakam City Station is complete .. and especially if you have luggage .. consider taking a taxi from the Petchaburi Station
  • During commuter hours, allow extra time. Trains tend to fill up and you may not get aboard.
  • If you have lots of luggage, opt for a taxi. Heavier luggage gets unmanageable on the BTS (subway) and Skytrain. You still have to get from the elevated platform to street level .. then possibly use a taxi-meter
  • If you have 3 or more persons in your group, a taxi-meter is probably a better choice.

Route Map for Suvarnabhumi International Airport Rail Link

Suvarnabhumi Airport MRT Rail Link

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