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floating market in Thailand Thailand generates different experiences for different people. This page if for reporting some of those experiences by different individuals. Thailand also has its share of myths, legends and fables. We will be adding some from time to time. We doubt this page will ever be finished .. at least we hope not.

If you have a favorite Thai experience you would like to share, send it to us. If we use your article we will happily give you credit and a link.

"Exotic Rock" by Mike Clendinin
It's 6 a.m. The sun just cleared the horizon and already feels warm on my bare chest. It's a comfortable 75 degrees, a coolness that won't last.

About 20 feet below the narrow ledge on which I'm balancing, the Andaman Sea is slipping in to reclaim a blackened, razor-sharp coral reef. In the distance, gibbon wail from their lush jungle sanctuary, a dazzling emerald green. The beauty and serenity of southern Thailand is palpable, relaxing.

But I'm anxious, distracted ... uptight.

So I take a deep breath, drift away from the ledge, and pray ... @ Beach Climbs

Taksin, the Great .. legend of HM Taksin

Beware the Street Gangs of Tod Phanom. Tod Phanom was small and quiet. Being Sunday the streets were almost deserted which made for pleasant strolling. I had been there perhaps fifteen minutes when it happened.

Old instincts die hard and one had started nagging at the back of my skull. I felt someone watching me. When I looked back I saw them .. more

Jasmine - The True Beauty of Thailand - Her name may not actually be Jasmine since I only know her by sight and profession. But what a sight the first time I saw Jasmine.

It was along a stretch of Nimmenhaemin Road I frequent in Chiang Mai, just south of the Amari Hotel. That's where the beautiful Jasmine does business. .. Jasmine

Peanut Mafia of the Mekong Evening found me at a three star hotel just outside Nakorn Phanom staring at the jagged mountains across the river in Laos. I watched the lights in Tha Kek begin to twinkle on in the rapidly approaching darkness. The river was a ribbon of silver and velvet in the moonlight.

That's when they struck . . .street gangs of Tod Phanom

Rose The first time I saw her was a brief study in human nature. The kid made a wide detour around my table as if I were a leper. . . .Rose

Legend of Chiang Dao Cave Thai legend tells of a hermit named Phrom Ruesi who lived in the cave for 1000 years ... Legend of Chiang Dao Cave

Rainy Season - A Walk on the Beach Maybe because westerners take many of their holiday breaks during Thailand rainy season; web sites, travel forums and bulletin boards are deluge with emails and posts like, "I plan on being in Phuket from September 11-15. What will the weather be like on Karon Beach?" ... Thailand rainy season