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thai travel phrases Stress is placed on syllables differently in Thai than in English. In a multi syllabic word, it is often the second syllable that gets the stress (but not always). So when in doubt, stress all syllables equally.

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Reminders for Tones(h) = high
(r) = rising
(none) = neutral
(l) = low
(f) = falling
   Consonant Sounds

Phonetic Sounds of Consonants
b as in belll as in lock
bp as in *m as in made
ch as in chairn as in nut
d as in duckng as in ri(ng)
dt as in *p(a) as in put
f as in foodr as in red
g as in gets as in sit
h as in helpt(a) as in tip
j as in jobw as in wet
k(a) as in kitey as in (y)es
* = no English equivalent
(a) = consonant is "aspirated"
 Vowel Sounds
Phonetic Sounds of Vowels
a, ah as in fatherao, ow as in chow
aa as in sandaw as in crawl
ai, i, y as in lie, by
   ". . . " When you see  ...    before or after a phrase in the table below, it indicates that a personal pronoun or a gender specific "polite word" should also be used.    "Polite words" used at the ends of sentences. A man will use "(h)krahp!", while a woman will use "ka!". Note the high tone versus the neutral tone.

Where is a restaurant?paht!-ta-kahn [or] (h)rahn ah-(r)han (l)yoo (f)tee-(r)ny! ...
I'm hungry. ... (r)hue ...
Menury-gahn ah-(r)hahn [or] men-u
I'm thirsty. ... (r)hue (h)nahm ...
Glass of water.(h)nahm (f)gaa-oh
Bottle of drinking water.(h)nahm (l)deum (l)koo-ut
Ice [water, hard](h)nahm-(r)kaang!
Lemonade/Limeade(h)nahm ma!-now
Steamed rice(f)kow
Fried/Deep fried(f)tawt
Stir fried(l)paht
Fried rice [stir fried](f)kao (l)paht
Fried egg [egg star](l)ky! dow!
Roasted chicken/pork/beef(l)gy!/(r)moo/(l)neu-uh (f)yahng
Noodle thin white/egg noole, yellow(h)goo-ay (r)dtee-oh/ba!-(l)mee
May I have the bill?check! bin ...
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