Thailand - A Great Destination for Seniors

thailand senior travel information Thailand may not be the perfect travel destination for seniors, but it comes pretty close. Five words or phrases in the Thai language tell us much about the Thai attitude toward life.

  • Sanuk means fun. If something is not "sanuk" it is to be avoided like the plague.
  • Sadeuk means convenient. Non-vital business and social occasions are often canceled if "my saduk" or not convenient
  • Sabai means ease or comfort or feeling well.

Add "py tio" which means to "go out and around for enjoyment". It can be a window shopping excursion down the block of a trip around the world. It is still "py tio".

And probably the most commonly used phrase in Thailand is "my bpen rai". Depending on the context it can mean, never mind, you're welcome, you are forgiven.

Long Stay Thailand is now promoting a Long Stay Program ... Thailand long stay

A quick checklist of this predominantly Buddhist country would show that it is:

Safe There is very little violent crime against strangers in Thailand .. well, maybe the water trowing parties around Songkhran.

Politically Stable a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament.

Inexpensive at probably 1/3 the cost of traveling in the western world.

Modern while rural Thailand is basic, each provincial capitol will have modern dining and accommodations.

Accommodating since the Thai culture respects age, so the senior traveler will often be treated better than younger folks.

Exotic It's all here, from snorkeling in the turquoise Andaman sea to enjoying a great novel in the shade of the coconut palms. Colorful temples, interesting villages, elephant rides through the jungle.

Tropical Thailand's climate varies from tropical in the south to subtropical highlands in the north.

Planning your Trip to Thailand

Planning is extremely important for a successful vacation ... and part of the fun. Read some suggestions that might make your trip better ... your trip to Thailand

Start at your local Thai restaurant and learn what foods you like and how to order. The Thais will also be able to tell you which travel agents have the best deals on air fares. I fly Eva Economy Deluxe Class. It's a real pity their web site is so useless.

If your time is limited, concentrate on a region of Thailand. Don't budget too little time to enjoy the pace of Thailand.

Thailand Visas all the information you should need.