Retiring in Thailand

Relative Safety - Reasonable Prices - Cheap Services

thai travel guide With more and more people attempting to escape western prices and big city crime, Thailand is a viable option for seniors with a bit of adventure in their blood. It becomes even more attractive if you don't like cold winters.

Thailand is Relatively Safe

Safety is a prime consideration for seniors and Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world. Violent crime against strangers is extremely low. And Thailand is a familial society where elders are respected.

Thailand living in Generally Cheap

Prices are low because of the low standard of living in Thailand. Services are very reasonable and housing away from the large tourist areas are so reasonable that most pensioners can easily afford them.

Major Cities in Thailand Have Excellent Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are modern and inexpensive. Although there are excellent medical schools in Thailand, many MD's are western trained. Registered nurses are university graduates and their skills challenge RNA in the west. Generic prescription drugs are very reasonable.

Thailand is Warm Year Round

Weather A warm weather person will love Thailand. The climate ranges from tropical in the South to Subtropical in the north. Large communities of expats of all ages are scattered around Thailand's beach communities and highland cities. Even during the rainy season the weather is quite pleasant. Except for certain areas of the south, you will seldom find it raining all day. And when the rain stops and the sun emerges, you tend to dry off very quickly.

Houses in Thailand

Houses in Thailand are generally different from the west. Most are built of concrete with tile or wooden floors and tile roofs. Many have small indoor kitchens with the major cooking areas outside. In most areas, renting a house is reasonably straight forward. Many condominiums can be purchased.

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Thailand Can Keep You Active

Activities available to active seniors range from scuba diving to volunteer teaching. Thailand has excellent golf courses and opportunities for nature trips as well as cultural activities.

Thailand Transportation

Transportation makes flying by commercial jet to most parts of the country not only possible but easy. Several provinces have international airports. Air conditioned express buses and trains also run regular schedules through all parts of Thailand. Vans with drivers are very reasonable and allow small groups excellent flexibility.

Thailand Retirement Visa Requirements

"Retirement Visa" are similar to those for "Long Stay", but the differences are worth noting Added to that, requirements change slightly or significantly from year-to-year.

For starters you will need a Type "O" or Type "O-A" Non Immigrant Visa from a Thai Embassy or Consulate .. then .. retirement visa requirements