Phrase Wizard - Select and Format Thai Phrases for Printing

Select and print out questions & comments in Thai script that are useful for numerous travel situations.
thai language cards

  • Printed in Thai Script with English language translations
  • Displayed as .gif images so your computer or printer does not need Thai fonts installed
  • About the size of business cards or credit cards
  • You can select several cards to print at one time
  • Image above is an example

Follow these simple steps

  • Select the cards you wish by ticking the beside the phrase
  • Click (not here .. after you click the link for the appropriate category of cards) .
    A new "Printer Friendly" page should open with your selections displayed in rows and columns
  • Click or initiate the correct process for your printer
  • Select the Desired Subject from the Phrases menu above

Suggestions for printing.

Phrase Cards have been upgraded with larger and bolder Thai fonts. But we ask you to remember that the cards are images, not fonts:

  • Don't resize the page using printer software
  • Use maximum resolution / highest quality setting when printing.
  • Consider the type of paper you want to use. If you want to carry a card that reads "I am a vegetarian. Please don't put any meat, pork, fish, chicken, or seafood in my food" that you need to show several times daily, consider heavier stock, or even laminating the card.
  • The formatting on the page should fit any U.S. letter or A4 size. If you want to make a large number of cards, consider doing so one page at a time. You can use the © PhraseWizard as may times as you like.
  • While we offer this feature free of charge, we claim a © Copyright on all images. Feel free to photocopy them, make extra copies and give them to travel partners. But please do not redistribute them in any commercial fashion.