Thai Script Phrase Cards - Transportation

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thai language cards
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Note many of the cards have multiple phrases

Please direct me to the
       .. government province bus station
       .. train station
Please direct me to the
       .. VIP bus station
       .. post office
I'm lost. How do I get back to the main road?
Which direction should I go to get to [...]
Is this the right way to get to [...]
Where do I turn off to get to [...]
How much farther is it to [...]
Do you go as far as [...]
Do you go past [...]
Can you tell me when to get off and which direction to get the next transportation?
What is the standard fare?
Is there a motorcycle rental shop nearby?
I want to rent a motorcycle.
Is it in good condition?
Does the price include insurance?
Can you please check the oil and petrol?
Can you draw a simple map to a motorbike repair shop please?
This motorbike isn't mine. I rented it.
Is it a serious problem?
Is there a place nearby where I can rent a bicycle?
Does a chain and lock come with it?
Are the tires and brakes in good condition?
Is the frame free of cracks?
Can you tell me where to buy petrol for my motorcycle?
Can you please draw me a simple map to get there?