Thai Script Phrase Cards - Shopping

Using the PhraseWizard is easy.

  • Select the cards you want to print by ticking the checkbox
  • Click [Format now!]

A new "Printer Friendly" page should open with your selections displayed in rows and columns

Recommendations: Remember that the phrases are displayed as images. They will not have the same clarity as fonts. The cards are images of fonts.

thai language cards
We suggest that for maximum readibility

  • Set your printer on highest resolution / highest quality
  • Do not resize the pages / cards with printer software
  • When trimming the cards to size, be careful you don't snip off the tone markers above the Thai characters

Note many of the cards have multiple phrases

Is there a computer shop nearby?
I think my computer has a virus
My computer has crashed, can you look at it?
Where can I buy computer software?
Where can I buy DVD movies?
Can you reconfigure my mobile telephone so that it works on a Thai SIM card?
How much will that cost?
Will a DTAC card work with this telephone?
Can you configure a dial-up connection for [this] ISP and the telephone number for this province on my computer?
How much will you charge me?
Do you accept credit cards? Which one?
Where can I find an ATM machine?
Where can I find a bank currency exchange?
Are the banks open today?
What time do the banks close?
Where is a good market for buying cheap clothing my size?
Is there a department store nearby?
Where is a good market for buying food?
Is there a mini-mart nearby?
Where can I buy a Bangkok Post newspaper
Where can I buy a Nation newspaper
Where can I buy a english language books
Where can I buy a english language maps
How much is it?
Is it genuine or fake?
That's too much, can you lower the price?
I'll pay you [...]
Let me think about it.