Thai Script Phrase Cards - Personal

Using the PhraseWizard is easy.

  • Select the cards you want to print by ticking the checkbox
  • Click [Format now!]

A new "Printer Friendly" page should open with your selections displayed in rows and columns

Recommendations: Remember that the phrases are displayed as images. They will not have the same clarity as fonts. The cards are images of fonts.

thai language cards
We suggest that for maximum readibility

  • Set your printer on highest resolution / highest quality
  • Do not resize the pages / cards with printer software
  • When trimming the cards to size, be careful you don't snip off the tone markers above the Thai characters

Note many of the cards have multiple phrases

What is your name?
How old are you?
Are you married?
Where is your home province?
Do you have children?
You're very beautiful!
You are very handsome!
I love Thailand. The people are so nice.
My name is [...]
I am [...] years old
I come from [...]
I am/am not married.
I want to talk to someone who speaks English.
You have helped me very much. Thank you!
Where can I get a haircut/style - a regular place.
Where can I get a haircut/style - a really fancy place.
How much is a shampoo and haircut - [I want that]
How much is a manicure .. pedicure - [I want that]
How much is a facial treatment and facial massage
Where is a good pub where people my age like to go?
Where is a good music pub, but not too loud?
Where is a good music pub where they have Thai country music?
Where is a good club for people my age?