Thai Script Phrase Cards - Miscellaneous

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thai language cards
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Note many of the cards have multiple phrases

Where is the toilet?
Where is a western style toilet nearby?
Do you have toilet paper?
Where can I get toilet paper?
This is a beautiful temple.
Is there a monk here who speaks English?
Is it okay if I just sit and relax for awhile?
I need to go to the post office.
I want to buy a stamp for posting this to [...]
I want to send this by Express Mail Service
I want to buy a stamp for posting this to [...]
I am a stamp collector. Do you have any special issue stamps?
I need some good mosquito repellant
Where can I buy toothpaste,soap .. nearby?
I need anti-fungal ointment
I need anti-bacterial ointment
I need antibiotics
Do you know a nearby Internet shop?
Do you know a nearby Internet cafe?
Do you know a place with WIFI/wireless internet?
Do you have high speed connections? [ADSL?]
How much do you charge per hour.
What are interesting things to see around here?
What are interesting things to do around here?
Is that far?
Is that far?
How would I get there?
How would I get back?
Can you recommend a hotel?
Can you recommend a restaurant?
Can you recommend a tailor shop?
Can you recommend a tour guide?
Is there a place nearby that can do my laundry quickly?
How much do you charge for each piece?
When can you have it ready?
Morning or afternoon? [Are you sure?]