Thai Script Phrase Cards - Food & Dining

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thai language cards
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Note many of the cards have multiple phrases

I am a strict vegetarian. Please don't put any meat, pork, fish, chicken, or seafood in my food. And please don't cook it with any animal fat. [no garlic or onion either]
I am allergic to peanuts, so please don't put any peanuts in my food, or cook it in peanut oil.
Please don't put any sugar in my food.
Please don't put any MSG in my food.
Don't make my food too spicy
I like my food a little spicy
Make my food as spicy as the Thais eat it
The food was delicious, thank you!
Is that hard to prepare?
Where can we get farang food?
Where can we get a pizza?
Where can we get fried chicken?
Where can we get farang food?
Where can we get hamburgers?
Where can we get ice cream?
Where can we get Chinese food?
Where can we get Indian food?
Where can we get good sushi?
Where can we get good seafood?
Do you have salt and pepper?
This rice is cold can you warm it up please?
Do you have brown rice?
No ice, thanks.
I dont need a bucket of ice. Just a glass will be okay.
Can I have one more please? [...]
Can you put more vegetables in my noodle soup please.
Do you have chopsticks?
Can you put this in a bag, I want to take it with me
Where can we buy fresh fruit?
Where can we get sweet mangos and sticky rice?
Where is a good place to get roast chicken, papaya salad and sticky rice?
Is there a bakery nearby?
Where can we get fresh ground hot coffee?