Travel Bags for Thailand - Which is Best?

Luggage for Thailand When planning your trip to Thailand, the luggage you pick can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a disaster. Why drag around a heavy suitcase when a small day pack can meet your needs? What luggage do you actually need? Decide early in your trip plan. Will a suitcase fit your plan better than a duffle? Or would the combination of a backpack and day pack serve you better?

Thailand offers a variety of travel environments. Each of these travel environments requires a different type of luggage. Knowing which is better lets you shop more intelligently.

Problems and bad shopping decisions often surface during transit. Almost any type of secure bag is okay once you have reached your room. But trying to drag a heavy rolling suitcase for several hundred meters along the mean sidewalks of Thai cities can have you kicking yourself for not having a good carry bag. But the long concourses in international airports make good roller baggage a treat.

Backpacks are great for climbing up and down the stairs at skytrain and subway stations, but you will lose friends very quickly if you wear them onto the passenger cars. Just the mere act of suddenly turning sideways can whallop the person standing alongside.

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Suitcases for Thailand

Finding the Right Luggage for Thailand - Luggage Types Suitcases are a popular option for travelers staying in particular spots for long lengths of time. They allow a range of items to be transported, tend to be secure, and offer a excellent protection of contents. For those bunking up in a nice hotel, or spending a lengthy stay in a serviced apartment, a suitcase is an ideal option. Families or couples on holiday at a luxury resort will a suitcase will be more practical than other luggage options .. more details about the right suitcase for Thailand

Rolling Upright Bags in Thailand

Rolling bags are a mixed blessing in Thailand. They'll make your journey through Suvarnabhumi Airport comfortable, but they'll leave you struggling and weaving down Sukhumvit Road.

Thai sidewalks aren't renowned for their smoothness, which can make roller bags a disadvantage at times. However, there are several situations where roller bags are useful.

If you're staying in major hotels and traveling mainly by taxi, a roller bag could be a useful choice. Roller bags make short distance walking travel easy. But in Thailand, smooth roadways are generally limited to the immediate area around hotels and resorts. On a short term stay in a small area, a roller bag is a smart idea. Lugging a heavy suitcase around an airport can make you wish for that great roller bag .. more details about the right roller bag for Thailand

Duffel Bags & Thailand Travel

Duffel bags offer one of the better mixes between suitcase and backpack. They are perfect for someone exploring a variety of Thailand's many tourist destinations. Duffels are roomy, easily transportable, and expandable.

Duffel bags are a good option for the traveler caught halfway between backpacker and holiday traveler. They're durable enough to handle even the most bumpy Thai back roads, yet easy enough to maneuver around Bangkok's hot and crowded side streets .. more details about the right duffel bag for Thailand

Backpacks Around Thailand

Thailand is a legendary country amongst backpackers, and certainly an ideal location to travel overland over the course of several weeks or months. With the many adventure destinations and many travel options, a backpack is the obvious choice for maximum versatility and mobility.

Backpacks are ideal for the overhead racks on trains and buses in Thailand. If you plan on traveling the entire country, or even the entire region, then a premium quality and easily secured backpack and day pack combination will be an excellent choice .. more details about the right backpacks for Thailand

Carry-on Luggage

Carry on luggage is important for anyone traveling to Thailand for a longer period. For those based in major hotels, it can be very handy to have a small backpack for electronics, camera, and smaller goods. For anyone backpacking across the country, a day pack is highly useful as it saves you from carrying a heavy backpack everywhere in the Thai heat. It's best to leave a bit of free space in your checked luggage, as you'll likely find many things to bring home from Thailand; this is where a carry on bag can come in handy

Rules that apply to day bags can be applied to carry on luggage, as the two almost always cross-over. Be sure to check out build quality and security, as the bag will likely be near you on any long distance bus trips. Also, make sure the bag can easily fit on the plane with you, and doesn't cross over any airline weight or size limits. This information is normally available on the airline company's website.

Wallets for Thailand

Wallets are important in Thailand for several reasons. As a traveler, you'll be using cash for the majority of your purchases. Thai Baht comes in notes and coins, so it's important to keep a wallet that has a small coin compartment for all your 10-baht and under coins. Street vendors and most small shops won't accept Electronic Funds Transfer cards or credit cards. So you will need to carry cash comfortably and securely .. more about picking the right wallet

Accessory Bags for Thailand

Does it make sense to spend $500 on a hard-side suitcase for clothing and toiletries then scrimp when protecting your most important items? Plan your travel behavior and accessory protection just as thoroughly as your itinerary. Actually, your travel behavior should be planned to the point of mental conditioning .. some thoughts on accessory bags & security.

Passport Protection

There was a time when passports only needed protection from the elements and against theft. But passport designs have changed and so have the needs for additional protection.

Many passports now have "smart chips" that hold a great deal of information about you. These new style chip passports make the legal collection of your personal information quick and simple. They also present an opportunity for identity theft. It's a good idea to invest in a passport wallet that will shield unauthorized collection of information. Have a look at some wallets designed to block unauthorized RFID reading.