Travel Wallets for Thailand

RDIF Safe Travel Wallet Great travel wallets prevent disaster. Imaging losing your passport, airline ticket, credit cards and the lion's share of your cash. That is the ultimate travel disaster. Even if it doesn't bring your holiday to a dead stop, it sure wreaks administrative havoc.

Should you suffer that misfortune, plan on spending quality time at the citizen services section of your embassy rather than on that hill tribe trek you have been looking forward to. Do you have enough cash left to pay your hotel? Remember, no credit card.

Will you end your holiday waiting for a transfer of funds? Maybe even cut your vacation short?

A travel wallet may not prevent such a disaster, but it can improve your odds. Why? Because you keep those precious documents, cards and cash close. How about hanging them around your neck? Or perhaps stashing them under your arm? The main point is to keep your documents out of sight.

Thieves are less likely to try and steal something they can't see. And you are more likely to remember a pouch that you wear rather than one you carry.

Travel wallets are cheap and durable. Some models are waterproof. Try the style that appeals to you.

  • Look at the closures. Velcro works great!
  • Is the neck strap adjustable?
  • Does it irritate your skin? If so, get rid of it and get one that doesn't.