Travel Bags for Thailand - Suitcases

McLaren Samsonite Rolling Suitcase Suitcases come in two varieties; hard side and soft side. The two offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Soft side is more flexible, and in the case of a large bag, easier to travel with. Soft side bags are typically lighter than hard side, and are easier to manuever and travel with. They offer a large amount of storage space for their size, and adequate protection for any fragile possessions. Travellers with camera's, particularly fragile and expensive SLR camera's, should be sure that their gear is secure in the bag, or stored in carry on luggage, as soft side bags can get beaten around a little when taken from plane to plane.

Hard side bags offer the maximum in protection for your belongings, however that protection comes at a price. Hard side bags are heavy, difficult to manuever, and typically quite bulky for the amount of storage space that they offer. If safety and protection is of maximum importance to you, a hard side bag may be worth the trouble. Those staying in one spot for extended periods of time might see the upside of a hard side bag, as the bag is most useful when extensive bus and train travel isn't required.

Suitcases tend to retain the same basic qualities.

  • Lots of storage space
  • Convenience of packing
  • Increased protection of contents

Various types of suitcases give different levels of durability and mobility. Popular with hotel based travelers, suitcases are a common luggage option in many different brands and varieties.

Major Points About Suitcases

Check the hinge and closure points, especially those around zippers. Hard shell suitcases tend to age and deteriorate slowly. Latches, handles, zippers and hinges are the most likely points of failure.

Double stitching is better for durability of soft shell case. Remember the baggage handler advertisements? They drop, toss, and stack luggage for the convenience of the airlines. Is your suitcase built to withstand that type of abuse?

Will that cheap suitcase you are considering handle the strains of repeated international travel?

Check the construction of plastic or metal parts. How likely is your zipper to break or burst? Can your protect your valuable possessions? Handles are often poorly made and sometimes barely attached to the suitcase. Check for multiple heavy duty fasteners. Are the hinges light gauge sheet metal and secured by light weight rivets or screws?

How Do You Travel?

Light travelers often pack their valuable items in their day pack and fly with a soft shell or semi shell suitcase as checked baggage. If you want to travel with expensive items like camera lenses, invest in a hard shell suitcase.

Hard shell cases come with the burden of extra weight plus lack of versatility and mobility. Soft shell suitcases offer more protection than a backpack and provide better versatile than a hard shell. The most important aspect of any suitcase is the quality of construction.