Travel Bags for Thailand - Duffle Bags

Samsonite Wheeled Duffle Bag Duffle bags should be high on your list of travel bag list when thinking of adventure and activity destinations. While they are neither backpacks or suitcases, they share some of the features of each.

  • Large storage space of a suitcase
  • Ease of mobility similar to a backpack
  • Security is less of an issue
  • Great for sports equipment like climbing and diving
  • Expandability is important

Does the bag have enough space to store all your possessions? A key features of a duffel bag is the volume of space available. Many bags can be expanded. Bags of 100 liters in size are common. That's a lot of clothing or equipment!

Duffels may not be as secure as hard-shell suitcases, but modern design do offer basic levels of protection for your belongings.

Some duffels are designed with wheels and trolley handles. Shoulder straps also allow the duffel to be carried backpack style or by a single shoulder strap.

Hard Core Adventure Travel

First, make sure you buy a duffel bag with collapsible back straps. Many bags have an extra pocket on their bottom from which you can extend straps and clip them into the bottom of the bag.

While not quite as good as a specially designed backpack, the straps are more than enough to help out when you end up having to walk to your hotel or take a hiking trip in the northern mountains.

Secondly, be sure to get a bag with double zips, as this allows you to lock your possessions inside the bag. Although Thailand is a very safe destination, with crime rates lower than many western countries, it's important to stay safe and secure.

Check out the zip construction when buying a duffel bag; some cheap ones only have one zip, or are flimsily constructed.