Day Packs for Thailand

Backpacks for Travel in Thailand Day packs are an afterthought for too many travelers. Yet day packs serve an essential and important function. Do you really want to explore Thailand with a heavy main bag? Remember, it's hot over here!

Day packs can be just as convenient on the streets of Bangkok or the bush outside Mae Hong Son. If you want to make enemies, wear a large backpack on the subway. Or do some serious shopping in those stores with aisles barely wide enough for two people to pass.

If you're facing the shelves looking for your favorite trinket, you will be blocking the aisle. And if you turn around at the wrong time, you may end up paying for broken merchandise.

If you haven't read our page on secure bags, now might be a really good time.

Monster backpacks and duffels may be helpful for taking souvenirs home, but they will be total overkill for shopping, seeing the sights, and taking tours. Pick your bags based on function and situation. A day pack can handle your needs for any single-day excursion or inner-city wandering. Use larger bags for scuba diving trips or overnight treks.

Before you consider a particular day pack, check your airline's the baggage requirements. Make sure it will fit within their onboard requirements. Measurements are typically available online. If not, a quick telephone call to the airline's help desk should suffice.

Comfort is paramount. Cheap bags are usually poorly designed and poorly made. That bag will be a constant travel companion for most of your holiday. Make sure it's a good one. Would you trek the mountains of Chiang Mai with ill-fitting shoes?