Backpacks for Thailand

Backpacks for Travel in Thailand Backpacks are the ideal luggage for travelers on the move. They offer maximum mobility and a high degree of versatility. Long popular with adventure tourists and budget travelers, backpacks seem to be finding greater acceptance among mainstream travelers.

Due to their smaller size, backpacks are easy to transport around the country. With the many solidly constructed hiking bags available today, security is generally not an issue provided you take some simple safety measures.

Backpack size is an important issue, and there are generally two ways to go about backpack luggage:

  • Pack everything into one backpack, and use it for long-distance and day trip travel. To do this, you'll need a fairly large bag -- typically 45+ litres worth of storage space. Planning for your environment is essential in this case -- if you're up in the northern mountains you'll need a small amount of cold weather gear (by Thai standards, of course), whereas down south you'll only need a minimal amount of clothing due to the heat.
  • But, not every traveler has the strength and stamina to carry an 80 liter pack stuffed with two weeks of holiday necessities. Others don't have the motivation. But a well designed backpack of modest size should really be considered as part of your baggage wardrobe.
  • Split your gear across two bags; one around 35-40 litres for long distance travelling, and one around 10-20 litres for day trips and short hikes. This option is perfect for those spending a lot of time on outdoor activities such as jungle hikes and adventure tours.

    One type to look out for are collapsible backpacks which are available at many Thai markets and shopping malls. Quality can vary on these bags, so make sure to only buy reputable (genuine!) brands, and check build quality before buying anything.

Backpack Security

Modern backpacks designers have solved solve many security problems. Ballistic nylon is the material of choice for quality backpacks. A thief cannot easily slice his way into your bag. Anti-slash straps and security tethers make snatch-and-grab theft much more difficult.

Look for quality zippers that keep your possessions where they belongs-in the bag. Tamper resistant zippers have become standard on quality backpacks. Locking devices prevent all but the most determined thieves from pilfering your pack.

Check the backpack for extra ties and waist straps. Extra pockets and compartments carry water bottles and separate specialized items from the main storage area.