Accessory Travel Bags for Thailand

Electronis Accessories for Travel in Thailand

Value of Your Travel Accessories?

Add up the investment you have in the travel accessories you're taking along to Thailand. Don't forget your jewelry. Engagement and wedding rings. Don't forget your Mp3 player, smart phone, camcorder and memory cards. Be sure you add in your netbook.

Is that anywhere near US$ 1,000 staring back at you from your calculator readout? No, I didn't think so.

It's more like $5,000 .. or much more!

Are you willing to trust those accessories and sentimental possessions to a $40 accessory pack?

While you're thinking about that, let me make a suggestion. Whether you plan on using a day pack, accessory bag, or tote to carry those valuable items, that should be the most secure bag in your luggage wardrobe..

Did he say wardrobe?

Yes, he did. One bag does not fit all. So a wise traveler buys luggage to fit specific functions and occasions.

Does it make sense to spend $500 on a hard-side suitcase for clothing and toiletries then scrimp when protecting your most important items?

Plan your travel behavior and accessory protection just as thoroughly as your itinerary. Actually, your travel behavior should be planned to the point of mental conditioning.

  • Not all accommodations have in-room safes or dual-key safety boxes.
  • What will you leave in the room and what will you carry with you when you go out?
  • How big does that bag need to be?
  • How much padding do you need for the electronics?
  • Will you carry a netbook separately?

Do you have it all worked out? Wait a minute! What about when you go to the beach?

You're not seriously thinking about telling your significant other to watch your things while you snorkel off the beach in the Andaman Sea? Seriously?

You only need to doze for a moment to give a thief the opportunity to snatch your bag. Believe me .. in tourist area they are watching.

Think about what you need to hitch your ultra secure bag to some plumbing or window grating. Or even a nearby palm tree.

A cut-proof tether and secure lock is your best travel companion. Except, of course, for your significant other.