Thailand Long Stay - Aimed at Seniors

thailand golf course Have you ever thought about spending a year in a unique culture, living in a neighborhood, on an island, at the beach or in tropical highlands? Or growing orchids, playing golf on uncrowded courses. How about spending an extended time in a luxury health resort or recuperating from an illness?

The Thai government is betting that you have. They recently decided something that we knew all along ... that seniors make the best guests.

Recently Thailand approved a project to promote long stays for those aged 55 (some information says age 50). Part of that approval is granting long stay visas that would be good for one year.

TAT Chairman Somsak recently said, "Thailand is becoming increasingly popular as a place for long-stay visitors because of its good weather, inexpensive cost of living, high quality of medical services and recreational facilities."

Besides tourism, visitors are traveling to Thailand for medical treatment. Thailand has more than 450 private hospitals staffed by doctors and specialists who are internationally trained. They can offer an affordable alternative to the west. Treatments include heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery and complex dental procedures.

Also, the Thai Immigration Rules have a provision that allows someone who is not physically able to appear at immigration to have their visa issues handled by proxy.

Thailand long-stay visa requirements