Thailand Festivals - Some Lively, Some Lovely

his majesty king chula the great - chakri dynasty Sanuk means "fun" and is an important part of Thai life. Anything "my sanuk" or "not fun" is to be avoided like the plague.

The festivals of Thailand are generally "fun" and as varied as the Thais who inhabit the country. Some festivals are celebrated all over Thailand while others are very specific to a region.

Loi Kratong begins to weave its magic at dusk when kratongs, lights and lanterns transform night into day. Flickering candles drifting out across the water create an aura of romance that is irresistible. Shimmering reflections light the sky as the heady aroma of incense fills the air and invigorates the spirit.

A mystical silence hangs as each person prays and thinks their private thoughts while watching their offerings drift out of sight. For the longer the candle burns, the better the next year will be ... Loi Krathong

Songkhran is the ancient Thai New Year and may be the most anticipated event of the year in Thailand. It might be described as part holiday, part festival and all party. Commonly known as the "water festival" it is officially celebrated April 13, 14 and 15 ... Songkhran

Phi Ta Kon Thailand's closest brush with the western concept of Halloween takes place in Dan Sai District of Loei Province. They sort of mix Halloween and April Fool's Day and call it Phi Ta Khon, or "ghost festival". And it takes place in June rather than October. ... Phi Ta Kon