Thailand Customs General Regulations

smuggled drugs
  • Passengers arriving into the Kingdom of Thailand have to fill in the "Passenger Declaration Form" (Form No. 211) and submit it to the Customs officer while bringing their luggage or belongings through the red or green channel.
  • In case there are no dutiable, prohibited or restricted goods, please mark "nothing to declare" on the Passenger Declaration Form and submit it to the Customs Officer at the green channel.
  • In case there are dutiable, prohibited or restricted goods or the passenger is unsure whether or not goods are subject to any of the three aforesaid categories, the passenger should mark "goods to declare" on the Passenger Declaration Form and submit it to the Customs officer at the red channel.

Items Free of Duty

  • Personal effects which accompany passengers in an amount not exceeding their needs for personal or professional use and with the total value of all goods taken together not exceeding 10,000 baht, will be exempted from Customs duties.
  • Personal effects such as clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, glasses, perfumes, etc., purchased abroad must have a receipt as evidence of the value; if not, the Customs officer will consider other available evidence.
  • The following accompanying goods can be brought into Thailand in amounts not exceeding that which is here stated:
    cigarettes, or 250 grams of cigars and tobacco. 1 liter of alcoholic liquor.
  • A certain amount of used household effects accompanying a passenger because of residential movement will be exempted from Customs duties.
  • Used household effects such as television, radio, video, etc., will be exempted from Customs duties; however, passengers are required to declare these types of items to the Customs officer at the red channel by submitting a passenger declaration form (Form No. 211).

Thai Customs Duties

Duties for goods brought into Thailand will be assessed according to Customs Acts, Customs Tariff Decree, and other associated laws.

Following are subject to duty charges:

  • Goods which are brought into the country in a limited quantity as personal effects and are not for a commercial purpose.
  • Goods not exceeding 80,000 baht in value.
  • Duties shall be paid in cash on the date of arrival.

In case of goods do not comply with the above conditions, they will be sent to Goods Accompanying Passenger Section of the Import Formalities Sub-Division at Customs Warehouse 1, Import Customs Warehouse Building, Bangkok Airport Customs Bureau or any local respective customs checkpoint to follow Customs procedures. The passenger will receive a delivery order form (Form No. 466) as evidence.

Prohibited Items

  • Drugs, pornographic materials, protected wild animals or related products, etc.
  • Violators of laws related to drugs, e.g., having and holding, holding for use, or being a producer, seller, or transporter are subject to the death penalty.

Restricted Items

The following items require a permit from the stated government agency in order to pass Customs formalities:

  • Office of National Police - Firearms; Ammunition; Explosives objects
  • Fine Arts Department - Buddha images; Artifacts and antiques
  • Post & Telegraph Department - Radio transceivers and telecommunications equipment
  • Department of Agriculture - Plants and planting materials
  • Department of Live Stock Development - Live animals and animal products
  • Office of Food and Drugs Administration - Medicines and chemical products
  • There is no limit on the amount of Thai currency which can be brought into Thailand, but only Bt 50,000 may be taken out without obtaining a permit.
  • When carrying Thai currency to neighboring countries, e.g., Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, up to 500,000 baht, may be taken out without obtaining a permit.
  • Carrying out an amount of Thai currency which exceeds the above stated limit requires a permit from an authorized bank. The original permit (Thor-Tor. 5) must be shown to the Customs officer while passing through the outbound passenger channel.
  • There is no restriction on both bringing in and carrying out foreign currency.

Additional Details

Passenger with dutiable items and restricted articles which are not intended for use in Thailand must inform Customs and present the ticket to the third country. Those items should be placed in Customs custody not more than 2 months. They can be reclaimed on the departure date while checking in by informing the airline staff and paying the related fees.

Passengers bringing in goods under the auspices of the A.T.A. Carnet agreement which are to be used for exhibition, science or as sample or as sample goods and re-exports are required to inform the Customs officer at the red channel for Customs clearance at the Passenger Control Division, Bangkok International Airport Customs Bureau. (Terminal 1, 1st floor) or other place designated by Regional Customs Bureau for that area.

  • On the departure date passengers must present the A.T.A. Carnet document and goods for inspection by Customs officer; otherwise the goods will be considered as not having been re-exported and Customs duties and taxes will be levied.

VAT refund - Passengers who want to apply for VAT refund must submit the completed form for VAT refund application for tourist (P.P. 10).

  • This form can be obtained by showing purchased goods to the Customs officer at Customs Inspection for VAT Refund point in the Departure hall.
  • Customs formalities can be performed at the Passenger Control Division, Bangkok International Airport Customs Bureau which is open 24 hours.


Failure to declare dutiable, restricted or prohibited items will lead to a fine amounting to four times the value of the goods plus duties and taxes and/or imprisonment for not more than 10 years. Such undeclared articles will be confiscated.

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