Thai Travel & Communication Difficulties

travel in thailand Language Occasionally in Thailand, especially in the provinces, you might see a similar sign to the one on the right that some frustrated traveler has spontaneously altered. And if you are like the vast majority of visitors traveling to Thailand you will speak even less Thai.

English is the most widely spoken western language in Thailand. How well you are understood depends partly on you. Speak slowly and distinctly the way your speech and English teacher used to tell you how to annunciate.

Be prepared to repeat. Do not raise your voice above a normal level. All that accomplishes is sending your listener into sensory overload. If attempts at making someone understand get tense . . . relax. Take a deep breath and smile at the person. That will relax them as well. Remember that you are in a foreign country and start again.

Take another deep breath, lower the pitch of your voice and try again. The Thais are extremely patient people.

thai script, thai language, traveling in thailand, understanding thai Thai Thai script looks like so many "squiggle and loops" to many westerners. It has 44 consonants and 36 vowels. The language has 5 tones. A limited transliteration of very basic spoken Thai words and phrases can be found on another page. ... Thai phrases

Telephones. Thailand has area codes for the different provinces for land-line. Bangkok is 02 and the provinces will have 0XX. It is now necessary to dial your own area code. Bangkok has 7 digit numbers. Many provinces have 6 digit numbers.

If you see a number written xxx xxx1-5 or xxx xx1-5, that means no rotary system is available at that location so they have 5 lines. A different final digit from 1 to 5 will connect to a different line . . . if that one isn't busy as well.

Mobile numbers are 7 digits and will be prefixed with 01, 06 or 09. Some land-line telephones, especially standard telephone booths, will not allow calls to cell phones. Public telephones that will access mobile phones as well as international numbers are available in most cities. Calling cards are widely available.

Newspapers English language newspapers such as Bangkok Post, Business Day, Pattaya Mail Newspaper, Phuket Travel News, and The Nation have web sites that can show you what is happening in The Kingdom.

"The Nation" and "The Bangkok Post" are published and distributed widely in Thailand. International newspapers and magazines are available in the larger cities. Regional tabloids published as newsletters and magazines can fill you in on the local attractions and happenings.