Thailand Travel Information

Ready, Set, Go!

Kamphang Phet Historical Park Wouldn't it be great if a holiday to Thailand was that simple? But before you can really enjoy this fascinating country and remarkable culture, some serious preparation is in order.

Your first contact with Thailand will probably be Suvarnabhumi International Airport .

Getting Ready for Thailand

Traveling light is usually a good idea for most Thailand travelers. Generally, expect either hot weather or hot and rainy weather. Think cotton clothing. Laundry service is cheap and widely available.

Travel Insurance

Important now more than ever, travel insurance is recommended. In 2008, Suvarnabhumi Airport was forced to suspend operations due to political unrest. As many as 300,000 travelers were delayed for days. Package and budget tourists were most affected as some had no funds for rooms in Bangkok. A few travel insurance carriers paid for the inconvenience. Others did not. So advise anyone traveling to Thailand to consider travel insurance. But before you buy a travel policy, read the fine print.

Travel Luggage

Not all luggage is appropriate for every destination. Our section on travel bags can help you decide which bag is best for your destinations and activities

Thai Visas

For most nationalities entry on arrival allows a 30-day stay. Longer travel plans require a routine application at a Thai consulate. But if there is no Thai consulate near your home, you can opt of a mail application, or try an Honorary Consulate

Honorary Thai Consulates in the Americas
Honorary Thai Consulates in Asia Pacific
Honorary Thai Consulates in Europe
Honorary Thai Consulates in the Middle East

Thailand's Weather

Weather is a significant issue for Thailand holidays. While white-water rafters may revel in the rain swollen rivers, sun worshipers usually hope for dry and sunny. See our page on Thailand rainy season

Price level Thailand is cheap when compared to most destinations. Guest houses are commonly available at $4 - 15. Five star hotels can be had for as little as $50. Thai food is delicious and cheap. Transportation is a bargain. See more examples of Thailand price levels.

Thailand Travel Budget Calculator

Thailand Airports

Most flights now arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport which is located east of Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi has recently added a rail link into Bangkok to make getting into the city a bit easier. But there are still some glitches. We have a complete section on Suvarnabhumi Airport

Don Muang Airport, the old airport, is located north of Bangkok proper and is still a component in Thailand's air travel network. Read more and see layout maps of Bangkok Don Muang Airport

Time Zone Thailand is UTC/GMT +7 hours
Electricity 220 Volts 50 Hz
Measurement System: Metric ...
plus some measurement units unique to Thailand