Thailand Vaccinations

While shots are not required for people from major industrialized countries like the U.S. and UK, unless the traveler is arriving from a country for which inoculations are required.

Many people recommend the following:

  • Up-to-date hepatitis, typhoid, tetanus and polio
  • Rabies vaccinations are also suggested by some health professionals
  • Malaria is a risk in rural areas but not major cities or beach resorts
  • If you are going to the countryside, you might want to consider anti-malaria pills, which must be taken before, during and after your trip. Consult a health provider for advice on which medications. Internationally recognized hospitals are a good source of local information.
  • Note - all information on this site is general and colloquial. For all medical decisions, a health professional should be consulted

Having said all the above, it should be noted that Thailand is, by and large, a safe and healthy place.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come yearly without any sort of vaccinations and don't suffer any dire consequences. It is, however, always best to err on the said of caution.