Thailand & Photographs

Thailand is not only a fabulous place to take pictures, but film and processing are cheap and the latest digital technology is readily available. From this perspective Thailand has to be one of the great photography destinations in the world.

Taking photos with film is pretty straightforward. There are photo shops in all towns of any size at all. You may want to consider having your enlargements made here in Thailand as well, because the price is good and the quality normally excellent.

Slide film and black and white film can sometimes be difficult to find if you are off the beaten track. Stock up while you can.

Digital Cameras

If you are a digital photographer, you will find any kind of service you need as well. What can't be done in photo shops can be done in computer or internet stores.

You can, for example, burn your photos to CDs or email them to yourself or friends.

It may also be a good idea to bring a USB thumb drive. Better bring a USB 2 since older computers in internet shops may not have USB 3 ports.

You can also but buy one after arrival. Most department stores have a section for electronics.

Another idea, maybe better, is to set up a Flickr and upload you photos a batch at a time. Most internet shops will allow you to use a USB port is you ask first. However, they may want to scan the drive for malware.