Getting Laundry Done in Thailand

Nearly all hotels and guest houses have laundry services. There are also laundry shops in most towns. Laundromats have even started to catch on in some quarters.

Ironing clothing is standard practice in Thailand, which is why the Thais tend to usually look so neat. Some shops even press your underwear.

If you are going to be at a location for awhile and are trying to save money, look for a laundry outside the hotel. You won't have to go far inside a soi. Look for signs or ask in a nearby shop. We have a Thai script phrase card on the subject @ phrase cards

Most hotels don't mind if you do a little laundry in your room and hang it in the bathroom. Small packets of laundry detergent are readily available in neighborhood shops.

Getting your clothes washed is not a problem. That is why we recommend packing light.

If you need something dry-cleaned, you should be a bit careful. With most better hotels, if you ask for dry cleaning that's what you'll get. Some establishments and cheaper hotels however, don't know the meaning of drying cleaning but may take your clothes anyway.