Thailand Baht Exchange

Buying Baht

Current Thailand Baht Exchange Rates

The first place you should consider exchanging currency is upon your arrival in Thailand. You will not get the same rate at foreign banks aka banks in your home country.

Find an official currency exchange operated by a Thai Bank

  • Don Muang International Airport has currency exchange booths
  • Currency exchange booth are prolific in the touristy areas of major cities
  • Many, though not all, banks are authorized to exchange currencies
  • Upon airport arrival, exchange enough currency to operate for a day or so.
  • Get small change for taxi fare.
  • The hotel may require a deposit about equal to 1 day's stay
  • Don't exchange baht at hotels. You could lose 10% or more
  • Note: Save Bt 500 for departure tax. It is collected separately from your air ticket. Also keep enough Baht for whatever you might want to spend on snacks at the airport after passing through Immigration