Thailand - Why Visit?

Thailand is unique in that it is probably the only country in the world that is fairly modern, but has lost very little of it cultural heritage. The most visible elements of that heritage involve Buddhism; namely the awe-inspiring temples you see everywhere, and the saffron clad monks.

But Thailand's uniqueness doesn't stop there. Take the food, for example. Or the architecture and the history. How about the music, dance and even the language?

There's more good news. Thailand is a free and open society and visitors are welcome in the country. There are no restrictions as to where you can go, what you can see or how to get there. You can rent a car and travel the length and breadth of Thailand visiting temples, historical sites, national parks, mountains, waterfalls, beaches restaurants and bars. All this can be done in an atmosphere of fun - called sanook in Thai There are probably no friendlier people in the world and when it comes to sanook, Thais take the cake.

It's true you can't go skiing or snowboarding. (If you've really got to have that winter stuff, there is an ice rink in Bangkok.) But nature lovers have an abundance of activities to choose from, including: Trekking, kayaking, rafting, hiking, camping, riding elephants, swimming in crystal pools near waterfalls, bicycling and well, pretty much anything else you can think of.

Thais love to party with the best of them. Thailand, except sleepy villages, offers excellent nightlife. There are bars, discos, karaokes and restaurants galore in all major cities and tourist destinations.

Do you want to immerse yourself in Thailand and maybe learn some Thai? Perhaps make a friend or two? Head for off the beaten track places not hit by tourism. You'll be welcome, although probably starred at. People will try to help you even though they can't speak English. Take your phrase book along and have fun.

And actually, to tell you the truth, you can find snow in Thailand .. at Dreamworld, a theme park the kids would enjoy.

And besides being fun, @ Thailand is a bargain