Thailand Travel FAQ

Q Packing - What should I pack for a trip to Thailand?
A  Pack light .. packing for Thailand Suggestions and recommendations ..

Q Holidays - What are the public holidays in Thailand?
A  Thailand has a lot of holidays, both religious and secular, lunar and Gregorian .. Thailand holidays

Q Manners & Customs - What customs and manners should I be aware of?
A  What you say, how you say it, what to do, what to avoid .. manners and customs

Q Theft - Is it safe to leave valuables like tickets or laptops in my hotel room?
A  No .. theft

Q Tipping - How much should I tip people?
A  Not much - tipping is not common in Thailand .. tipping in Thailand

Q Season - When is the best time to go to Thailand?
A  That depends on what you want to do and the weather. Nov-Feb is mild, Mar-Jun is hot, then it rains .. Thailand weather

Q Laundry - What should I do about my laundry?
A  No problem - you have several options .. laundry

Q Left Luggage - Is there a safe, secure place to store my luggage?
A  There are a couple of options, one being the airport .. left luggage

Q Religion - What religion are most Thai people?
A  The vast majority are Buddhists .. religion in Thailand

Q Buddhist Meditation - Are there Buddhist meditations centers for foreigners?
A  Yes, there are many options .. Buddhist meditation centers

Q Merit - I've heard people talk about making merit. What does that mean?
A  The Thai phrase is Tam Boon and it means doing good deeds unselfishly .. making merit

Q Foreigner Monk - Is it possible for foreigners to become monks in Thailand?
A  Yes, although it is not common .. foreigner Buddhist monks

Q Buddhist Nuns - Are there Buddhist Nuns in Thailand?
A  Yes, but the monastic lineage for females has disappeared .. Buddhist nuns

Q Beggars - What is the story with the beggars I see?
A  Usually they are best ignored. However .. beggars in Thailand

Q Songkhran - What is Songkhran?
A  It is the Thai New Year and involves pouring, dousing, splashing, dumping, hosing and squirting people with water .. Songkhran

Q Learning Thai - Should I learn some Thai before visiting Thailand?
A  It normally isn't necessary but it helps .. learning to speak Thai

Q Study Thai - Are there any places where I can study the Thai language?
A Yes, there are a lot of places, but the quality of instruction varies greatly .. learning the Thai language

Q Bank Account - Can I open a bank account in Thailand?
A  Yes, but you need an address .. bank account in Thailand

Q Photographs - Can you tell me about photography resources in Thailand?
A  Major cities and tourist destinations have all the latest photography technology .. Thailand photography

Q Internet - Are there Internet cafes in Thailand?
A  Yes, probably more than you would imagine .. internet in Thailand

Q Hotel Internet Connection - How do I find accommodations with internet access? I need to use my laptop while in Thailand
A  You need to have an in-room direct modem connection & an ISP temporary "ticket" .. temporary internet

Q Postal Service - Is the Thai Postal System okay?
A  In general, yes. Express mail Service is excellent .. postal service in Thailand

Q Postal - Is any form of ID needed to send letters or packages from the Thai Post Office?
A  No Id is required .. Thai postal service

Q Newspapers - Are there English language newspapers in Thailand?
A  Yes, the Bangkok Post and The Nation .. newspapers in Thailand

Q Fax - Copy - I’ll be traveling around Thailand on business. Is it easy to find fax and photocopying service?
A  Yes, both are very common .. fax & copy service

Q Friends - I met a nice person in Thailand and would like to take my friend to visit my home country. Is that possible?
A  For most western countries, it is extremely difficult, time consuming, frustrating and often results in failure .. visa for Thai friend

Q Haircut - What is a Thai haircut like?
A  A bit different than a western haircut .. a Thai haircut

Q Thai Beer - What is Thai beer like?
A  It is a fairly standard lager, but there is a difference in alcohol content and, to some degree, taste .. Thai beer

Q Credit Card - Can I use my credit card in Thailand?
A  Yes, in many places, but be careful with it .. credit cards in Thailand

Q Driving - Do you recommend getting an international driving license?
A  Yes .. driving in Thailand

Q Police - What are Thai police like?
A  Not bad, really, and it depends a lot on you .. Thai Police

Q Trouble - Will my embassy help me if I get in trouble?
A  In the case of an emergency they will help you a little bit, but maybe not as much as you expect .. embassies

Q Working - Can I work in Thailand?
A  Only if you have a work permit .. working in Thailand

Q Trink - I have heard people mention Trink. Who or what is that?
A  Bernard Trink was a long time "entertainment" columnist for the Bangkok Post .. Trink