General Bangkok FAQ

Bangkok's Water

The Bangkok Water Authority claims that the water in the city is potable. While this may be true, many places have problems with the pipes delivering the water.

In short, Bangkok water pipes are frequently old and not up to standard. It is far better to drink bottled water which is available nearly everywhere and is very cheap.

Most people visiting Bangkok brush their teeth with tap water and have no problems. There is nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution and using bottled water for brushing as well.

Touts in Bangkok

Touts are almost always men. Among the most common things they promote are tailor shops, jewelry stores, tours and escort services.

They do not personally sell the products or perform the service. Rather they take you to a place that does. At the very least, this increases the price.

Most serious consequences, such as being cheated, robbed or injured, while not common, are possible.

Touts are most often men who hang out in tourist centers such as Sukhumvit Road. Tuk-tuk drivers in the same areas can also be touts.

What should you do?

The answer is simple. Ignore them. Don't say anything even in jest. Completely, totally ignore them and keep walking.