Siam Square - Bangkok

Siam Square is a big commercial area that is especially popular with Thai teenagers who hang out there in droves.

The area runs from Rama 1 Road all the way to Chulalonkorn University and from Phayathai Road to Henri Durant. There are lots of fast food restaurants and trendy shops featuring the latest fashions and accessories.

In addition to the shops and fast food, you will find pubs, internet cafes, music shops and bookstores. The Bonanza Mall complex is filled with shops selling bargain priced clothing. The Hard Rock Cafe is also located in the area as are several upper class hotels, including the Novotel.

Siam Square is usually filled with people on weekends, so if crowds make you uncomfortable, that is not the time to go. It is a bit quieter on weekdays during school hours.

In spite of some drawbacks, for many it is a fun outing. A person could do worse in terms of a place to stay as well.

Not only is there a lot of activity in the area, but it is relatively easy to get around from Siam Square too.