Bangkok F A Q

Q Bangkok Water - Can you drink Bangkok's tap water?
A  Not recommended .. Bangkok tap water

Q Restaurants in Bangkok - Can you recommend some good restaurants in Bangkok?
A  Baan Kanitha, Mango Tree, Lemongrass Sukhumvit, Le Dalat, Sara Jane's, Akbar, India Hut, Bourbon Street, Whole Earth, Chamlong's Cafe, Bull's Head .. @ Bangkok restaurants

Q Bus Stations - Where are the bus stations for going to the provinces?
A  There are three located in different parts of the city and going to different places .. @ bus stations in Bangkok

Q Attractions - What are the must sees in Bangkok?
A  Top 10 - Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Arun, Wat Po, Wat Traimit, Wat Sutat, Grand Palace, Vimanek Mansion, Chao Phraya River, Chatuchak Market and monks in the morning .. @ Bangkok attractions

Q Street Food - Is it safe to eat food from street vendors?
A  Usually .. street food in Bangkok

Q Medicinal Herbs - Are they widely available in Bangkok?
A  Yes, especially in Chinatown .. medicinal herbs

Q Tout - I hear the term, what is a tout?
A  A man who brazenly approaches you and aggressively promotes a product .. touts in Bangkok

Q Siam Square - What is Siam Square?
A  A large modern shopping area .. Siam Square