Chauffeured Vans for Thailand Tours

Chauffeured vans have several obvious disadvantages

  • They will cost you from Bt 2,000 to Bt 3,000 per day plus fuel
  • Such an arrangement will deprive men of the masculine imperative that involves getting lost, eventually finding one's way and driving until everyone is whining, complaining, starving and hopelessly exhausted.

Advantage of Hiring Van & Driver

The driver can --

  • Help with luggage
  • Read a menu
  • Know the easy way to get where you are going
  • Make recommendations for attractions
  • Drop you off - go find parking - pick you up
  • Fetch food, water, sodas and ice.

Advantages during your travels

  • You get to actually see the countryside that you spent untold hours and precious $$ to come and see
  • "Hey, look at that ... let's stop!"
  • You can go spend a day on a remote beach
  • Great for a family or group.

Hire a van for short to intermediate legs of a trip. Let them go if you are planning several days at a resort. Hire another when you are ready to leave. Fly the long legs, like Chiang Mai to Phuket.