Thailand Tour Suggestions

Tour Guide in Bangkok Thailand

Tours in Thailand get a bad rap! How many whines have you heard, "I don't wanna go on a package tour."

So you would rather:

  • spend € 1,000 or so to get here
  • € 1,000 more to stay a few weeks
  • wander around The Kingdom aimlessly

... and miss out on why you decided to come here?

Is there a "best of both worlds" arrangement? We believe there is something close ... so long as you are not squeezing your $$$ too tightly.

Build Your Own Package Tour of Thailand

We plan on making some suggestions based on the questions we get via email from people planning a holiday.

Some parts on an itinerary won't suit your personal tastes, schedules and budgets. Just pick the parts you like and improvise the rest ... or combine several suggested scheduled.

  • Duration of your stay - you may lose 2 days in transit
  • Number & ages of your travel group
  • Time of year you plan to arrive in Thailand
  • Approximate budget for, Accommodations, Meals & Domestic travel
  • Things you like - outdoor, culture, beach, disco, etc.
  • Kids along? What are their likes/dislikes
  • Absolute "must dos"
  • Locations you planned to visit