Sukhothai Historical Park

Stone Buddha image at Sukhothai Historical Park While the populated city of "New" Sukhothai in not remarkable, the Sukhothai Historical park a few kilometers away is a truly splendid experience. To get the best feel for the sprawling park, schedule your visit on a weekday and allow plenty of time.

The ruins are magnetic in their historical importance. The grounds invite a leisurely appreciation, whether explored by car, bicycle or on foot. We strongly recommend some wheeled transportation, since the park is very large at 70 sq km .. some of the temples more than 1 km from the entrance. Bicycle rentals are available at the park.

The park has a number of areas. One displays a copy of the Ramkamhaeng Stone, a depiction of the first Thai Alphabet.

A lake surrounded by lawns and mature trees adds a special appeal to the central area. Don't be surprised to find yourself sitting in the shade near one of those lakes and imagining how the Kingdom of Sukhothai must have looked during the reign of King Ramkamhaeng.

Loi Kratong at Sukhothai

If you don't mind large crowds and happen to be in the area for Loi Kratong, you are in for a visual treat. Sukhothai is where the tradition and festival originated. The sight of thousands of the candle-lit "kratongs" floating on the lake is a unique experience.


Although accommodations are available in Sukhothai town, Phitsanulok (58 km) is an excellent alternative. Phitsanulok has more accommodations, night activities, better shopping, dining and a beautiful temple, Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, where the very famous and beautiful Phra Buddha Djinnarat is housed.

The park, open daily from 08:30 to 16:30, is divided into 5 zones, with most of the interest in the central zone. Each zone has a separate entrance fee

Sukhothai Historical Park
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