Shopping in Thailand

Gemstones - For the Experts

Rough Gem Market in Maesai, Thailand
  • Maesai, Maesot and Chantaburi
  • Bangkok:
    • Maehaesak Rd - a short street that runs between Silom and Suriwong. Numerous dealers and cutting shops - many shop house style without signs
    • South Suriwong road. Many of the dealers and cutting shops have no signs as a security and anti-bother measure.
    • South Silom for retail shops ... but many touts
    • The Wall - off Mahaesak Rd, not a shop but a watering hole for gem dealers and those in the jewelry trade. Lots of internationals. As anywhere else, be cautious.

Gemstones - for the Cautious

  • Narayana Phan - 127 Rajadamri Road - Bangkok. Opposite the World Trade Center. This government sponsored store has a large jewelry and gemstone department.