Shopping in Thailand

If you live to shop, Thailand can drive you to new levels of ecstasy.

But there are some cautions to observe.

  • Protect your cash
  • Watch your credit cards
  • Credit cards often cost extra
  • Shop "alone" at reputable shops
  • Learn to bargain
  • Be willing to walk away
  • If it's too big to carry, including shipping
  • Buy it now or buy it later

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Buying Gems in Thailand

The best advice is simply don't! But if you insist on entering that minefield, here are some suggestions.

  • Do your homework
  • Get a referral from a trusted source
  • Avoid the common gem scams
  • Ignore touts & taxi or tuk-tuk escorts
  • Remember the "rules of value"

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Antiques Made to Order

I saw that sign on a shop near Chiang Mai. Their definition of antiques may be different from yours.

  • Some antiques require permission to export
  • Know antiques before you shop
  • Will it really get home
  • Reproductions can be good

Handicrafts and more

More than you might imagine and some very nice quality

  • Silk for the senses
  • Bronze, silver and gold
  • Wood and furniture
  • Designer knock offs
  • Tailored clothing

Pearls in the South, Silk in Issan

More than you might imagine and some very nice quality

  • Mudmee silk in Issan and Jim Thompson in Bangkok
  • Silver and gold jewelry on New Road and Silom
  • Chiang Mai - Hangdong Road and Sankampaeng
  • Phuket is for pearls
  • Bangkok tailors