Sanphet Prasat Palace - Ayuttaya

Originally built during the reign of King Phra Baromatrai Lokanat, 8th king of the Ayuttaya Kingdom. Sanphet Prasat Palace, aka the "White Palace" served as the principal palace during the early Ayuttaya period.

H.M King Phra Baromatrai Lokanat succeeded in sponsoring a unique architectural style differed in many obviously ways from the earlier Khmer and Sukhothai styles.

Sanphet Prasat Palace - White Temple of Ayuttaya

The distinctive artistic style became known as the Ayuttaya school which appeared in many parts of the Sanphet Prasat Palace.

Notable features included the sweep of the basement, the tapering pillars, the elaborate pinnacle ornaments, the pedimented door and window frames as well as overlapping roof slopes.

Sanphet Prasat Palace hosted many important court and state ceremonies such as a reception hall to receive foreign dignitaries. King Baromakot completely renovated the palace during his reign.

When Ayuttaya fell to Burma in 1767 A.D., the stately palace was destroyed. Only a raised brick basement remains at the Ayuttaya historical park.

Muang Boran built a copy of Sanphet Prasat Palace based on archaeological and historical evidence left by Thai and foreign historians.

Research on the ruins allowed a draft plan of the building. Detailed designs and ornaments follow historical remains and documentation.