Thailand's Attractions

Kamphaengphet Historical Park Thailand has many categories of attractions. From shopping to sightseeing, to theme parks, to cooking schools, Thailand seem to have something for every taste.

Maybe the most ponderable of all Thailand's attractions are the cultural and historic attractions. Save a popular handful, they get far too little exposure and promotion compared to the beaches and nightlife.

But it would actually be easy to spend a couple of months just visiting cultural and historic sites.

UNESCO supports a number of Thailand's hHistoric sites.

Sukhothai and Ayuttaya get most of the cultural attention, but we plan on eventually showing 100 more attractions in this section.

Kamphaeng Phet Historic Park in, of all places, Kamphaeng Phet. The park is of the Sukhothai era and served as a Burmese border subordinate settlement. What makes Kamphaeng Phet stand out? .. Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Phimai is another important historic and cultural attraction. Phimai is thought to have been a provincial capitol of the great Khmer Kingdom. It is also considered the largest Buddhist monument in Thailand. .. Phimai Sanctuary, Phimai, Nakorn Ratchasima

Ban Chiang Pottery Ban Chiang is a Bronze Age archeological site that was discovered by a clumsy American who stumbled over the root of a tree. As he got back to his feet, he noticed some 'rings' on the surface of the ground. They turned out to be a distinctive design pottery from 3,500 BC. .. Ban Chiang, Udorn

Pha Taem National Park If you are into natural settings, head south from Ban Chiang to Ubon. This is a great province for natural experiences.

Get a ride (or drive yourself) to Pha Taem National Park. A walking path along the Mekong takes you to cliff drawings that date back thousands of hears. Walk along that cliff and imagine what Thailand looked like 3,000 - 4,000 years ago.