White Water Rafting the Rivers in Thailand

Thailand has more than a dozen white-water rafting aka "rubber boat rafting" locations. Not all are created equal.

Thailand's white-water will not offer you non-stop, adrenalin churning rides. What you usually get are sets of rapids followed by stretches of quick but smooth water

White Water Rafting in Thailand - Locations Map

  • Virtually every excursion must be done through a tour operator..

    Many of these are mom-and-pop style tours, which means you will get reasonable prices, but should not expect 5 star service.
  • Where you actually save is getting to the tour operator and not a middle-man

Many of Thailand's less touristy provinces have some of the country's best nature tourism.

Add the cheap accommodations and food during the rainy season and you have a winner.

If some of the destinations above look strange and wonderful, they can be indeed. A close-up of Thailand's day-to-day culture all around, plus an even closer look at the natural environment and water, water, water.

Note - If asking about "white water rafting" draws a blank stare, ask about "rubber boat rafting".