White Water Rafting in Chantaburi, Thailand

Klong Pong Nam Ron

Province: Chantaburi
Distance: 10 km
Duration: 2 - 3 hr
Difficulty: 2 - 3

white water rafting map Klong Pong Nam Ron River in thailand

The ride - starts near Soi Dao Hill where the river starts slow and the gathers momentum. The course has a number of rapids and starts getting adventurous after number 8. Altogether, depending on the water level you should experience 12 - 16 rapids.

The Klong Pan Nam Ron is also an excellent river for kayakers.

This is a good course for the average traveler and for families with teenagers during the cool seasons as the difficulty level is only 1 - 2 but the lower water level creates more rapids; up to 30.

After the rafting, many travelers visit the border market at Pak Chad. Also the Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary is a good nature destination, especially the Soi Dao Waterfall.