White Water Rafting in Pai, Thailand

Pai River

Province: Mae Hong Son
Distance: 45 - 50 km
Duration: 3 hr
Difficulty: 3 - 4

white water rafting map of thailand The ride - starts about mid-way between Pai and Mae Hong Son on the Klong River which flows into the Pai River. Near the end of the rainy season when the rivers are swollen the ride is fast and has numerous sharp turns.

Normally the beginning of the float along the Klong River is a bit more calm and gives rafters a warm-up. You can also stop for a swim at Susa Waterfall.

On day 2 you get to the Pai River where the waterway widens and gets more exciting. Eleven rapids vary from 30 - 300 meters long. Pai Keed Rapid is near the end and the most difficult, so you will end your tour with a splash!

Scenery all around this ride is excellent, from rock formations to varied flora. Animal life along the river is commonly seen. You can really appreciate the forest from the narrow Klong River.

Note: At this point you are about 10 km from Mae Hong Son town. Some travelers opt to continue their travels from this point rather than returning to Pai.