White Water Rafting in Nan, Thailand

Wa River

Province: Nan
Distance: 18 km
Duration: 1- 3 days
Difficulty: 2 - 5

white water rafting Wa River in Thailand

The ride - The Wa river has 3 sections for rafting - each is a different level of difficulty and each requires a different amount of time.

Start - Requires overnight stay - The Wa tends to be narrow and swift with over 100 rapids twisting and churning down toward Mae Charim National Park. During rainy season, this section has a difficulty level of 4 - 5.

One day - This section is a bit easier, but there are some difficulty 4 sections. The scenery is excellent when you have the time to enjoy it.

Two days, 1 night - An second stretch of river is a bit more difficult and difficulty varies from 2 - 5. You get to camp out for 1 night along the river bank.

You can do both middle sections in 3 days and 2 nights.

End - And with the end you get rafting and elephant rides. The rafting is easier. Some travelers like to carry on to Sri Nan National Park where there is well-liked sunset viewing from a cliff overlooking the park.

Note: Nan is an area that gets less tourism than most of the North. It is a charming place and well worth a visit whether rafting or not. If you are really into rafting, trekking and nature, a week here can be well spent.

Tour Operator
Nan Elephant Farm - 054 781316, 01 724 0579

Expect to pay Bt 1,500 (min 6 persons) for a 1 day to Bt 5,500 for a 3 day; which includes transportation to and from Nan Town, guide, lunch, snacks.

Mae Charim National Park - 054 710 136 (reservations required)