White Water Rafting in Tak, Thailand

Mae Klong River

Province: Tak
Distance: 25 km
Duration: 3 hr
Difficulty: 3 - 4

white water rafting map of Mae Klong River in Tak, Thailand

The ride - varies in length and difficulty. Quite naturally, it is best during the rainy season (Jul - Oct) and may be to shallow to raft in the dry season.

The dealers are along the stream running along Umphang Town, but the rafting to Telorla Falls starts at the Karen village of Ban Palata. The river banks have some nice rock formations and lots of greenery. Wildlife spotting, especially colorful bird life, is common.

This location offers additional nature touring opportunities.

If you are in a hurry, SGA Airlines will fly you in and out - 02 504 3310-5

Tour Operators
Tee Lor Su Riverside - 038 312 050, 055 561 010
Um Phang Hill - 055 561 063-4
Phu Doi Campsite - 055 561 049, 055 561 279

You can get accommodations, meals and rafting packages and some include transportation to and from Tak and Mae Sot. Expect 2 day 3 night packages at around Bt 1,800; 4 day 5 night packages with elephant trekking and waterfall visits in the Bt 3,500 range.