Rafting - Floating & White Water in Thailand

Bamboo Rafting on a River in Chiang Mai Rainy season travel in Thailand has its advantages ... especially if you like rafting. Besides cheaper accommodations at resorts, the rivers are flowing faster, some of them churning white water.

Nature is all around. One operator talked about rafting down a river in the wilderness where trees branches spanned the river. Gibbons jumping from limb to limb would be distracted by the sight of a raft, miss their limb and plunge into the river.

Note: Rafting is one of those activities that virtually always requires the services of tour operators.

Floating the Rivers of Thailand

Bamboo rafting gives you a unique perspective on Thailand. Its mostly slow so there is plenty of time to watch what you are floating past. And stopping at river side villages is quick and easy.

Thatorn to Chiang Rai

A popular two day trip. Arrange for your raft beside the Maenam Kok in Thatorn, a few hour bus trip north of Chiang Rai. Stop by hill tribe and Karen villages along the river. Then say goodbye to your raftsman in Chiang Rai.


Canoes, inflatable rafts and bamboo rafts are available for trips down the Songkalia River in Sangklaburi.

White Water Rafting in Thailand

Adrenalin junkies will love the wild areas of Thailand. Difficulty-5 venues are available. white water rafting in Thailand

Chiang Mai

Mae Jaem The Mae Jaem River flowing through Ob-Luang National Park has some grade 4 rapids. Day tours and longer excursions that include camping beside the river are available.

Mae Taeng The Mae Taeng river flowing through Hui Nam Dang National Park offers a 3-4 hour trip. Nearby is a hot springs and 2 nature trails.

Mae Hong Son The Pai river is the only access through the wildlife sanctuary. Intermediate difficulty rapids.

Prachin Buri

The Kaeng Hin Phoeng river in Khao Yai National Park can be very challenging in the rainy season (June to October). A wild stretch of the river has spectacular rapids rated level 5. Besides the adrenalin pumping rapids, the scenery is spectacular.


The Petchaburi River in Kaeng Krachan National Park has some nice rapids. A tour operator will have to take you in by 4 wheel drive vehicles. The tropical evergreen forest supports animal life that includes bear, leopard, tiger, gaur, elephant, sambar, 250 bird species and more.